*Watercolor Pastel Pattern

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Pattern vinyl may delay order shipping 1-2 business days depending on order volume.

Patterned Vinyl is 12" x 14"


Pattern HTV: 

Transfer Sheet sold separately. HERE>> https://vinylsupplymart.com/collections/supplies/products/siser-transfer-sheet

How to video from Siser:


  1. Cut pattern side up first (DON'T MIRROR IMAGE)
  2. Weed design
  3. Place transfer sheet over top of weeded pattern vinyl. 
  4. Next peel off thin cutting film on back of white side. 
  5. Now you can press like normal.
  6. When washing:  Garment inside out on gentle cycle and lay flat to dry.

Pattern Adhesive Vinyl:

3 year life without abrasive use.  Laminating sheets are available for extra protection but not necessary and will add thickness to vinyl decal. (When applying to phone or something used everyday that will be rubbed a lot laminating sheets are recommended.