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This bold pearl metallic looking vinyl will make any outfit design pop with a beautiful finish!!  You will want to use this vinyl for everything!!!!!

Silver and Gold Lens are only 12" x 14"

Application Instructions:

  • Cut reverse/weed excess
  • Heat Garment 2-3 seconds
  • Apply to garment 305 F. Use cover/protective sheet
  • Med. Pressure 15 Seconds
  • Peel Hot or Cold

Home Iron

  • Cut Reverse / Weed Excess
  • Iron heated to Cotton/Linen Setting
  • Heat Garment 2-3 Seconds
  • Cover with protective/cover sheet
  • Press on hard firm surface (not ironing board) 10-15 seconds with med. to firm pressure (Don't slide iron)
  • Remove Transfer Sheet (peel hot or cold) on vinyl and repress covering with cover sheet another 10-15 seconds.