*Leopard Floral Frame - Transfer

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 Transfers are printed with eco-solvent ink on a commercial grade printer. A sheet of transfer is included with each order.  

~ Longest points are size you are ordering. (Top to bottom or side to side) If wanting exact size please send us a message.


-Pre-Heat fabric 3-5 seconds (To remove any moister in fabric.)

-Remove transfer with transfer paper slowly to be sure design is adhered to transfer paper. If not just rub until adhered to transfer paper.

-Temp.: 315 F, Medium Pressure, 15 Seconds

*100% Cotton
*Poly/Cotton blends
*100% Polyester

*Do not dry clean
*Wash inside out
*Machine wash w/mild detergent
*Wait 24 hours before first wash
*Dry on normal setting

Adhesive Vinyl Application: 

- Slowly remove transfer, be sure completely adhered to transfer tape.  If not rub until it is.

- Apply to a clean dry surface. (Clean with soap and water or rubbing alcohol.  Never use window cleaner)

- If excessive rubbing or wear will need to cover with a laminate sheet available here:  https://vinylsupplymart.com/products/inkjet-printable-adhesive-vinyl

- Always hand wash and wait 24-48 hours before using product.