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Sublimation transfer are made on high quality Sublimation paper using high quality Sublimation inks. It will look dull on the paper, but will press vibrantly with a white high count polyester shirt.

  • Transfer MUST be pressed with a heat press. Home iron will not work.
  • Shirt must be at least 50% polyester, but the higher the count, the brighter the image will be.
  • If using a cotton blend shirt, the ink will wash out of the cotton fibers when washed and will look faded. 
  • The shirt  must be white or light colored. Black shirts will not work.
  • The printers don't print white so white areas of the design will become the same color as the shirt.
  • Each print is unique and colors may slightly differ from image.  Many variables account for color of image.
  • We aren't liable for messed up images once pressed.
  • No refunds on Sublimation Transfers
  • Size is measured by longest points. (Vertical or horizontal) 

Transfer instructions: 

  • Temperature: 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Timer: 45-55 seconds
  • Pressure: medium
  • Put parchment or butcher paper inside the garment to ensure the ink does not bleed through the shirt.
  • Place transfer face down on garment. (Heat glue or heat tape is recommended to secure transfer.)
  • Carefully remove paper immediately and peel hot.

 Reusing same print isn't recommended.

Lots of great videos on YouTube for how to press sublimation prints. :)